Neko Case - Bad Luck End Titles


Animation work for clients, competitions, social media marketing, fun, etc.

Neko Case - Bad Luck End Titles

A hugely exciting opportunity to develop animated text for the end of a mini music video. The text burns away mimicking the smoking cigarette crowns Neko wears in the video.

Dave (1993) - Camp Kuleshov 2017

This won runner up at the AICE Chicago Division's Camp Kuleshov Tent City Graphics 2017. The prompt was to create a trailer for an existing film that portrays it as a different genre, using motion graphics and animation. Dave is a (barely) political comedy starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver, but I chose to re-imagine it as a political thriller. I challenged myself to create an ominous scene with the Resolute Desk prop from the movie, along with all the props on top of it, and to design titles that matched the era the film was made.

Art Day Performance Showcase 2017

This project gave me a unique creative challenge to take raw, amateur video documentation of vibrant and diverse content, and arrange it to convey the energy of the high schoolers' performances.

LFC High School Programs

Actually my first motion graphics project ever for a positively career-defining internship at Lycée Français de Chicago. I wore many hats on this project, researching the details of baccalaureate high school programs, interviewing students, writing a technical script, casting voiceover talent, designing and animating characters and text, and defining a visual language for the school I'd go on to use for many future videos.

Spotlight on a Student

A fun project to do highlighting the interests and ambitions of a 6th grader. I used doodle-esque animations to illustrate Arielle's words and create interest in otherwise negative space. (This is probably one of my favorite projects for Lycée Français, mostly because Arielle inspires me.)

Soirée 2016 – Midnight in Paris

A fun departure from my usual work done for Lycée Français, this piece involved collecting stock footage, layering it with glittery imagery to convey the glamour of the evening, and animating the watercolor poster for the event to bring it to life.